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Camps and Courses for Organized Youth Groups


BOATING CAMPS and CLASSES for youth organizations (schools, camps, churches, scouts,  organizations, etc.) are designed for groups of students who are elect not to participate in the half-day summer youth Learn to Sail classes at the Cooper River Yacht Club.   This program is limited to organized youth groups and requires an adult leader to accompany the students while they are participating in the group class. 


Individual students can register for the summer half-day youth Learn to Sail classes without being  member of a group and the Learn to Sail classes are less expensive for each student than an individual student's share for a group class. 

  • Boat Safety Classes
  • Sailing Classes
  • Canoeing Classes
  • Kayaking Classes
  • Rowing Classes (small rowboats)


  • Youth organizations and schools can arrange custom boating camps and classes for students who are between 9 and 16 years old at the Cooper River Yacht Club (CRYC).
  • Custom boating camps and classes include one or more of the following activities:  boating safety, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, or rowing.   All sailing instruction programs require a minimum 30 hours of sailing instruction and are based on the curriculum guidelines from US Sailing.  Suggested schedules for sailing classes are ten days (3 hours a day) or five days (6 hours per day with a 60 minute lunch break).
  • The cost of the program is determined by number of the students, the age of the students, the type of boats selected, and the number of sessions.  Adult youth leaders are encouraged to participate in the classes with the students.
  • The minimum number of students for a custom camp or class is approximately 14 students who are from the same age group (middle school, high school, etc.)
  • Programs can be scheduled during the summer, Saturdays, and daytime on weekdays from May until early October.  It is important to schedule your program early to avoid possible time conflicts with other groups.
  • The total cost of the program must be paid to the Cooper River Yacht Club in order to reserve appropriate boats and schedule staff after the custom program has been selected. This fee is usually paid several months prior to the  
  • Custom themes for summer camps and classes can be arranged around special interests such as scouting badges,  maritime literature such as Moby Dick, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) programs in sailing, or river environment stewardship and education activities such as seining and identifying marine life in the Cooper River combined with canoeing or kayaking. Other themes may be arranged if qualified Cooper River Yacht Club staff are available.  The STEM curriculum follows guidelines and uses materials recommended by US Sailing.  

EACH GROUP MEMBER MUST PASS A 50-YARD SWIM TEST prior to scheduling a summer camp or a series of classes.  A Code of Conduct form, medical form, and photograph permission form must be completed.


Additional information about custom boating camps and classes is available by sending email ( or calling (215-703-SAIL).