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established 1945

Celebrating 75 Years of Cooper River Sailing!

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Congratulations to the Frostbite Winners

Full Rig:

1st John MacCausland
2nd Chris Williams
3rd Dave Breder
4th George Bader
5th DyFrig Mon

Radial Rig

1st Jacob McAllister
2nd Elizabeth Fourney
3rd Kelly McMurry

Photos: Craig's Photos

Full Results: 2019 Frostbite Results



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Due to the coronavirus the park will be closed until further notice. Please be safe during these times.


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Board of Governors 2019-2020:
 Ralph Talbot
Vice Commodore: Becky Seidelmann
Rear Commodore: Steve Creighton

Treasurer: John Dick 
Secretary: Tony Masi
Members at Large: 
Ann Scaricamazza - 2020
Beth Patterson - 2021 
Charlie Crothers - 2022
Susan McAllister - 2022