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Flowers NOR/SI 2024

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Race Results 2024
Adult Opti Race 2024

1st Place:  Morten Pedersen
2nd Place:  Judy Lazo
3rd Place: Alan Stein

2024 Bill Flowers Regatta

Flying Scot
1st Place:  Steve Creighton & Morten Pedersen/George Rollin
2nd Place:  Charlie Carothers & Tom Forner
3rd Place:  
Ralph Talbot and Tony Masi

1st Place:  Roy MacCulloch & Janet Allison
2nd Place:  Dave Leeds & Karen Becker
3rd Place:  Bob Weeks

1st Place:  Skye Mada
2nd Place:  Jacob McAllister
3rd Place:  Megan Pedersen

1st Place:  Judy Lazo
2nd Place:  Connie Meeks
3rd Place:  Linda Jan

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Upcoming Events
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2024 Board of Governors


Commodore: Mort Pedersen

Vice Commodore: Karen Hickey

Rear Commodore: Fred Schaefer

Treasurer: Justin Schurr

Secretary: Alan Stein

Member at Large: Beth Patterson (2024),
Charlie Crothers (2025), Linda Jan (2025)