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Y Flag 

CRYC Life Jacket Requirements

Who, When, Where


  1. All community sailors must wear life jackets while sailing, no exceptions.
  2. Sailors or racers, under the age of 12, must wear a life jacket, not only when sailing, but when close to the water.  Close to the water is within 6 feet.
  3. Boat owners are encouraged to wear life jackets while sailing but are not required to wear them.
    1. Racers including boat owners must wear life jackets when the Y flag is flying.  The Y flag has yellow and red diagonal flags.  The race committee will order this flag flown when it sees fit based on conditions.
    2. Owners of small boats (under 16 feet) must have a life jacket on board.
  4. All kayakers, using club boats, must wear life jackets while on the water.
  5. Student life jackets must be Coast Guard approved, fit properly, and be zipped while the student is in or near the water. 
  6. Stewards, staff, and members are required to wear life jackets in powerboats.  There must also be at least two throw-able floatation devices on the powerboat.
  7. All boats over 16 feet whether privately owned or club owned must have a life jacket on board for each person and one throw-able.
robbie in life jacket