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Adult Learn to Sail

 Adults will learn to sail in comfortable 15 ft Precisions with two or three students.  The Precision has two sails (jib and main).

Adult Sailing class
Learn to Sail and Intermediate Sailing are offered from May through August. 

The adult classes are typically Monday/Wednesday, Tuesday/Thursday, or Monday thru Thursday spanning 8 sessions for Learn to Sail and Intermediate depending upon schedule.
Classes are usually from 6:30 to 8:30 PM except early and late in the summer when classes are from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.  


Register for Adult Beginner Classes using these links.

 Session 1 Adult Learn To Sail May 7- 30 Monday-Wednesday Evening - 5/7/2018

Session 2 Adult Learn To Sail May 8 -31 Tuesday/Thursday Evening - 5/8/2018  
Session 3 Adult Learn To Sail June 4-27 Monday-Wednesday Evening - 6/4/2018

Session 4 Adult Learn To Sail June 5-28 Tuesday - Thursday Evening - 6/5/2018
Session 5 Adult Learn To Sail July 16 - Aug 8 Monday/Wednesday Evening - 7/16/2018
Session 6 Adult Learn To Sail July 17 - Aug 9 Tuesday/Thursday Evening - 7/17/2018
Session 7 Adult Learn To Sail Aug 13-23 Monday Thru Thursday Evening - 8/13/2018


 Register for Adult Advanced Classes using these links.