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Cooper River Yacht Club
Fleet Championship Conditions 

The 2022 designation of Fleet Champion at CRYC will be Determined as follows:

  1. Schedule

    The Championship will be scored as a series of 5 events. The schedule, unless modified by weather or other circumstance, is as follows:

    1. Spring Series, Sundays and Regatta days - April 24th-June 26th
    2. Les Greenfield Regatta – May 29-30th
    3. Summer Series, Sundays, and regatta days – July3rd - August 28th
    4. Bill Flowers Regatta – July 3rd-4th  
    5. Fall Series, Sundays, and regatta days – September 4th -October 23rd
    6. Ritchie Regatta – September 4th-5th
  2. Rules

    The Championship will be governed by the current Racing Rules of Sailing, US Sailing prescriptions, and class rules (except as any of these are altered by this NOR and the Sailing Instructions).  Non-class-legal sails may be used if they meet class measurement specifications.

  3. Eligibility

    The Championship is open to regular and junior CRYC members sailing in the GP-14, Laser, and Sunfish classes. To be considered for the championship the member must have sailed in and qualified in at least 3 events listed above.

  4. Scoring

    The Championship will be scored using a Low Point Scoring System (RRS Appendix A) with the following modifications:

    1. The competitor’s final ranking for each regatta or series shall constitute their score for that event.
    2. If sailors complete all 6 events, one drop should be allowed. (Note: if a competitor sails in only 4 events, one event score will be scored a DNC).
    3. Tie Breaking, in case of a tie, the skipper competing in the most races of the tied boats that year shall be designated Fleet Champion.
  5. Awards

The top championship finisher in each fleet: GP-14, Laser, and Sunfish, shall be awarded the title of Fleet Champion.