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Home2020 Laser Frostbite Sailing Instructions

Cooper River Yacht Club

Collingswood, NJ


2020 Laser Frostbite Series  

Cooper River Yacht Club – Nov. 8th, 15th, and 22nd  

Sailing Instructions

  1. RULES The regatta will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2017-2020, the prescriptions of US SAILING, and the appropriate ILCA class rules, with the exception that non-class “practice” sails shall be allowed as long as they otherwise measure in. Sailors must obey all CRYC COVID rules while on site. CRYC Rules are not protestable but continued violation will result in disqualification and expulsion from the site. 
  2. NOTICES TO COMPETITORS Notices to competitors will be posted online prior to that days racing
  3. CHANGES IN SAILING INSTRUCTIONS Any changes in the sailing instructions will be announced orally by the Race Committee, and, when possible, posted before the first race in which they are to take effect. 

    9:30-10:20 Check in (There will be no onsite registration) 

    10:30 Skippers Meeting – all skippers meetings will be on the lawn west of the club

    11:00 First Warning, up to 6 races to follow 

    14:00 No Warning after this time                         

  5. THE COURSES  Course boards will be displayed on the committee boat 

    Course O = Olympic: Triangle, Windward-Leeward-Windward Finish

    Course G = Gold Cup: Triangle, Windward-Leeward Finish 

    Course T (#) = Triangle, 

    Course W (#) = Windward-Leeward

    Triangle and Windward Leeward Courses shall also display a number of legs eg: W3, T4

    Windward-Leeward courses may have an offset mark at the windward mark if more than 10 boats are sailing. 

    Other drop mark courses may be used at the discretion of the race committee;

  6. MARKS Turning Marks will be white balls.  Optional Starting Marks in the case a turning mark is not used, and Offset marks will be Orange balls
  7. SIGNALS  All signals will be sound signals or oral instructions from the committee boat. Flags may be displayed as a courtesy as described bellow

    A three minute dinghy start sequence shall be used for all classes in accordance with Appendix U of the RRS Individual Recalls will be hailed orally, Flag X may be displayed in addition to the hail. 

    If an I flag start is imposed, the I flag will be displayed throughout the starting sequence as a reminder Rule 30.1 is in effect it will not be used as a starting signal, the same would go for other starting rules flags (Z, and U). 

  8. START The Start will be between a staff with an orange flag on the RC boat and the course side of the starting mark.


  9. FINISH The Finish will be between a staff with an orange flag on the RC boat or finish boat and the course side of either a) a finishing mark or b) a turning mark ending a leg 
  10. ALTERNATIVE PENALTIES Penalties for breaking a rule of RRS Part 2 will be in accordance with Appendix V  ‘(Open water penalties are one turn, penalties taken for actions in the ZONE are two turns)
  11. PROTESTS Protests shall be filed with the PRO after the RC boat has docked.  Protest time limit is 30 minutes after the last boat has finished for the day.  Notification of the RC of a pending protest at the finish is requested. Protest forms are available in the club house
  12. SAFETY
  1.  Life jackets are required to be worn at all times while racing Y-Flag need not be displayed (this changes Rule 40)
  2.  A boat requesting assistance from support boats should signal by waving hands overhead.
  3.  A capsized boat may be righted and sailed by its crew, unless, in the sole judgment of the Race Committee, safety or the progress of the regatta would be affected, in which case the crew shall accept assistance, and the boat will be scored 'DNF.' 
  4.   Starts may not be delayed to accommodate capsized boats.
  5. 10.5A boat that retires shall notify the Race Committee either before leaving the course area, or immediately upon arriving ashore.
  6.  Sailors are reminded to follow CRYC social distancing rules, masks are required ashore.