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Community Sailing Procedures



           All community sailors must have paid the community sailing access fee and must be members in good standing of the Cooper River Yacht Club (CRYC). All community sailors must be over the age of 18 or be accompanied by parent.




Every community sailor must qualify to sail each boat that they wish to sail. That will be as easy as demonstrating knowledge of rigging, launching, sailing from point A to point B (upwind) and returning safely to the dock. You may qualify to sail in light to moderate wind  conditions (less than 14 miles/hour). 

           Available Club Sailboats


              Available two-handed boats (yourself as the skipper with at least one crew member or use only the mainsail by yourself) include: 


Precision 15 (suggested maximum 4 adults) 

Hunter 170

Hunter 18


Available single-handed boats are: 


Optimist Pram (Opti) 

           Dates to Qualify

There will be opportunities to qualify throughout the season. When you reserve your boat online, Under "Select Time Desired",  choose "qualfication".   




          Boat Reservations (Online Preferred) 


FOR RETURNING ONLINE REQUESTS  - Reservations can be made online through our website. Reservations should be made by midnight  the day before your requested date.  Click on "Community Sailing" and "Schedule Your Appointment NOW!".  Enter your  login and Password.  Continue with your request.  If your desired boat is not available try a different boat.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail.  Your requested boat will be in the water or at the water's edge ready for you to sail.

FOR FIRST TIME ONLINE REQUESTS  -- Do Not Login.  Select boat, time desired, date and start time.  Select: "NEW USER".  Fill out the requested information and this will establish your  Community Sailing ID and Password (this can be different than your CRYC ID  and  Password).  Click "Finalize Community Sailing". Logout.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail.  Use your new ID and Password the next time you make a reservation under RETURNING ONLINE REQUESTS.

BY PHONE (Not a preferred method) - Call CRYC  the day before you are requesting a boat, using  the Club phone number (856-869-9145). Leave a voicemail with your name, time and date requested, type of boat, and contact phone number to confirm your reservation.

Some boats might not be available due to Learn To Sail activities.

         High Wind Flag

When winds are greater than 14 miles an hour, community sailing will NOT be allowed and a red “High Wind Flag” will be raised. 

You can call ahead to find out if wind conditions are favorable for Community Sailing: 856-869-9145.

         Your Responsibilities

You must sign a waiver of responsibility. 

You must certify that you are a capable swimmer. 

You are responsible for your guests and everyone must wear a life jacket whenever you are near the bulkhead, on the docks and when in the boat. 

Assistance may be available to put the boat away. 

Depending on your sailing ability and wind conditions, you may need to stay within sight of the clubhouse, within the designated buoys, or in an area as designated by the Community Sailing Coordinator or steward during your sail. 

You are responsible to return the boat in the same condition that you received the boat and to report any damage or anything that needs maintenance to the CSC. Boat must also be cleaned before returning it to the boatyard. 

All waivers and documents must be signed and are located on the CRYC website. The documents must be submitted when you take the qualification test. 


Smoking is NOT permitted on the boats or when rigging a boat.

         What You and Your Guests Can Expect

Sailboats rigged and ready to go from the dock when you make your reservation at least 24 hours (and it is confirmed) in advance.

Expect to get wet so wear appropriate boat/water shoes and bring an extra set of clothes and shoes. 

Showers are available in the restrooms. 


        Further questions?

If you need additional information please contact Cooper River Yacht Club at 856-869-9145.