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established 1945

Winter Warm Up Chalk Talks Return

Starting March 1st at 7pm See Bridge to Racing for More Information!

Bridge to Racing Program

CRYC members meet the 
Philly Phanatic at the Camp Fair
Click the Camp Fair link to view the write up on Moorestown Friends School's website.

Christmas Party Awards Highlights 2018

Awards 2018

Congrats on behalf of the CRYC membership to our champs: 

Les Wolf Service Award: Ann Scaricamazza

CRYC Youth: Jacob McCallister

Cunning Kate: Skye Mada

Trophy Hunter: Craig Priniski

Lee Pelosi – Jr. Contribution: Tim Ryder

Telstar GP-14: Kennon Dick and John Dick

Commodore: Matthew York

GP14 Crew: John Dick

Summer Sunfish Champion: Connie Meeks

Overall Laser: Brad Linthicum

Overall Sunfish: Allyn Miner

Board of Governors 2018-19:
Tommie Ann Gibney
Vice Commodore: Ralph Talbot
Rear Commodore: Becky Ratcliff

Treasurer: John Dick 
Secretary: Tony Masi
Members at Large: 
Carolyn Brickner - 2019
Steve Creighton - 2020
Ann Scaricamazza - 2019
Beth Patterson - 2021 

Upcoming Events Join us
Social Events

Superbowl Party
February 3 | 6pm

Sailing Events

Nothing scheduled at this time

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